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Our Story

At TechPRO Escrow, we adhere to a fundamental principle: excel in providing excellent escrow service. We are dedicated to delivering first-rate service to real estate professionals and individuals alike. Our foundation is built on unwavering accountability, collaborative efforts, and a deep commitment to our customers. Our team's integrity and adherence to the highest ethical and professional standards set us apart.

TechPRO Escrow is comprised of a team rich in experience in the intricacies of real estate procedures, title insurance, property taxes, deeds, and insurance. Our technical proficiency and comprehensive understanding of the escrow process ensure your transactions are managed smoothly and efficiently. As a neutral third party, we meticulously follow the instructions of both buyers and sellers, paying close attention to every detail, which guarantees precision and expediency in our work.

Our Approach

We pride ourselves on our expertise in handling high-end real estate transactions and have a track record of managing some of the most significant sales in the industry.

At TechPRO, we understand the importance of convenience and timeliness for all parties involved. Trust TechPRO Escrow to be your guide to a successful closing, every time.

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